Writing by Peter Hilton

A Gourmet Dish

A poem by C. Robert Hilton.

The richest most ambrosial gourmet meal
May lack the simple scrambled eggs appeal.
First break your eggs and put them in the pan.
Break first into a cup is the best plan.
For best results do three or four.
They tend to overcook if you do more.
Put in a dab of butter to melt through it,
The thinnest pinch of salt, don't overdo it.
For each egg, milk or water, one teaspoon.
Stir all together on the heat, and soon
As the egg sets you start to scrape and stir.
A bendy spatula's what I prefer
To do this job you may well choose
The wooden spoon your grandmother would use.
So stir and scrape and every moment look
To see the mixture doesn't overcook.
Before it sets, turn out on a cool plate.
It cooks on when you take it off the heat.
I made this once for my son when he was four.
He told me, "It's so nice I want some more."

©1997 C. R. Hilton

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