CHIP Prediction Rule

Calculate the score for the CHIP prediction rule and predicted probability of intracranial traumatic findings on CT, as described in Smits et al, Ann Intern Med. 2007;146:397-405: Predicting Intracranial Traumatic Findings on Computed Tomography in Patients with Minor Head Injury: The CHIP Prediction Rule.

Neurological examination


Signs and symptoms

Patient characteristics
years (16 or above)
Mechanism of injury

Prior probability :

Predicted probability: 0%

Total score: 0.0

Legal statement

The CHIP prediction rule may be used as an aid to decide whether to perfom a CT in minor head injury patients. However, the prediction rule can only complement, never replace, clinical judgment and can therefore be used only as a decision-support system. If clinical suspicion is high, a CT scan is indicated regardless of the prediction rule.

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