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Executive training for remote work

Announcing a series of hands-on courses for the modern workplace 2022-07-19 #remote

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The changing nature of work in remote workplaces finds companies’ most senior employees struggling to adapt to new working practices. These employees face tough challenges as their interactions shift dramatically from in-person face-to-face verbal exchanges to written online conversations. Every day, power moves from corner offices to chat rooms and channels.

A new series of one-day training courses provides modern executives with the skills they need to operate effectively in today’s remote work landscape. These skills enable senior leaders to translate their charisma and influence to where the work happens now. A recognised expert in the topic will deliver each course, bringing real-world industry experience and a track record of live presentations/performances.

Emoji skills for asynchronous working

This one-day course tackles the awkward emotionally stunted business English traditionally used in the workplace, by introducing the revolutionary techniques of acknowledging and expressing emotions other than anger. Attendees will learn how to understand emoji-rich content, add emoji to their written vocabulary, and more richly express their human side in an asynchronous online workplace.

Course outline:

  1. Fundamentals of emotional literacy
  2. Basic Unicode emoji vocabulary
  3. Adapting emoji choice to your audience
  4. Correct emoji use in Slack
  5. Blob cats and other emoji dialects

Advanced module: custom emoji production, rollout and adoption.

Memes for culture-building

This one-day course explores how Internet memes acquire new significance in company culture, in a remote-work context. Attendees will learn how memes emerge and spread, how they encode key elements of modern online culture, and how to use them as a deliberate act of cultural participation.

Course outline:

  1. Standard Internet meme repertoire by year
  2. Meme subcategories - from cat macros to doge memes
  3. Meme trackers, custom keyboards, and other tools
  4. Writing custom meme text

Advanced module: design patterns for custom memes by subculture.

Animated GIF humour in the workplace

This one-day course teaches managers how to stop taking themselves so seriously, and to allow some humour into the workplace. Attendees will learn which corporate messaging to animate for maximum impact, how to use GIFs in combination with other graphical communication techniques, and how to pronounce ‘GIF’ correctly.

Course outline:

  1. GIF pronunciation
  2. 97 GIFs every manager should know
  3. Differences between memes and GIFs
  4. Benign violation theory of humour
  5. Creating your own GIFs

Advanced module: short-form video, from GIF to TikTok.

DJ skills for online meetings

This one-day course traverses traditional boundaries between work and entertainment by introducing music as a medium for crafting effective online collaborative spaces. Attendees will learn how to use music to establish the introduction to an online meeting, which music to use, and how to smoothly integrate music with meeting content.

Course outline:

  1. How to share hi-fi computer audio with Zoom
  2. Matching genres to your audience and meeting type
  3. Building ambiance and mood
  4. Timing issues

Advanced module: custom jingle production using a home office studio.

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